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The Farm

Natureland Farm is maintained by Martha & Patrick Vuist-Bruske. Together they raise and nurture their goats and use the goat milk to produce wonderful soaps and lotions by hand.

Martha was born in Holland and comes from a long line of Dutch farmers. Her husband was raised on a farm in South Dakota. Together they began raising goats on their own farm in beautiful Northern California. All of their goats were born and raised on Natureland Farm, which is on an oak woodland located between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen.

Their goats are the life of their farm and are only fed natural food. In return, the goats produce pure, rich milk. The moisture-rich milk has nourishing properties for the body. When you use goat milk soaps and lotions regularly, your skin feels soft and looks healthy.

Ingredients in our goat milk lotions & soap

The pure, natural lotions and soaps contain moisture-rich goat milk, premium local olive oil, antioxidant grape-seed oil, hazelnut, sunflower oil, coconut oil, soothing shea butter, skin-healing aloe vera, moisture-enhancing glycerin, and essential oils. The goat milk soaps also contain local honey and beeswax, as well as healing and moisturizing oats. Pure goat milk lotion and soap is specially recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Why use goat milk lotions & soap?

Goat milk lotions and soaps contain no fillers, harmful preservatives, additives, or drying alcohols. They only contain natural goat milk, pure and antioxidant oils, and natural honey and beeswax. The result is a pure, natural product that has moisture-rich ingredients that make your skin feel soft and look nourished and healthy.

Goat milk is beneficial for your skin because alpha hydroxy and vitamin A, which are abundant in goat milk, rejuvenate the skin’s cells and neutralize free radicals, slowing the aging process and helping to prevent brown spots.

Goat milk also contains vitamins C, E, B1, B6, and B12, as well as citric acid, amino acids, and zinc,which reconstructs the skin’s collagen fibers and absorbs and retains moisture.

Goat milk contains Caprylic acid, which helps protect the skin against bacterial invasion and maximizes the absorption of the skin-soothing goat milk. The Caprylic acid does this by reducing the skin’s surface tension, soothing it and allowing it to absorb the moisturizing qualities of the goat milk.

The goal of Natureland Farm is to bring pure, natural products to your

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